Legion – A commoner’s review

  • I don’t know if calling myself a commoner when relating to ‘legion’ ,is valid considering the large number of people who don’t seem to make sense of it. Maybe I am that special commoner among the few. I’d love to think like that. Afterall, I can’t be a noble. There are way too many geniuses out there. On to the special commoner’s review.
  •  Dan Stevens manages to deliver David’s character in such a way I only saw in Leonardo Da Vinci’s character of Da Vinci’s Demons- the TV series..it may have been inferior to Aubrey Plaza’s acting,but this is still David’s story.
  • Lenny. Well, that’s what we’ve come to identify the scheming parasite as. And she’s moving her way up the favorite villain ladder.Aubrey Plaza is a genius.
  • Sidney. A character I don’t really care about. But we gotta have a love story.
  • Melanie. Mrs Byrd is not only a leader of a rebel group here. She’s our link to Oliver, whom I think is huge part of the show. After all, he’s the same as David.
  • Cary And Gary. This sibling couple is actually still a puzzle. 
  • Legion is one of a kind. I believe my blog looks like David’s head though. Maybe I should take it to a therapist.

    Enjoy the full first season if you haven’t.

    Recommendations? I’m not sure. I’d say comic book fans, but then I’m not one, and I say it’s different from any show you’ve seen,superhero,supernatural,fantasy or otherwise.


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