One Missed Call


Ring.. Ring..Okay, whatever the critics say, I still got scared out of my pathetic half life when I received a call immediately after watching this movie. I’ll never let myself miss a call. Ever!
  Even after watching the grudge, the ring, I couldn’t stop myself from getting that scared. I actually thanked God that I watched it at daylight.
   Whatever some people might say, I know the movie wasn’t hilarious, it was scary. Isn’t that what it’s all about?  Horror? Well, I got my share of nerve shakers enough to last me the month. I’m actually shaking as I write this.
   So,all in all, One Missed Call was pretty much scary, and I’m 20. An age when you don’t get scared easily.
   Here’s to a ‘no missed call’ day.
Is that your phone ringing?

Aryamine~with love


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